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You Are What You Wear- Why Vegan Fashion Is Important

All fashionistas know, that a good look doesn’t need to come at a hefty price. And the good news is vegan fashion is not just forward in its approach and design, but also doesn’t carry the guilt associated with leather.

Vegan fashion is inspired by the everyday woman: who is fashionable and conscious of the choices she make. With vegan fashion brands being all the rage this season, let’s look at how its affected the fashion community, by looking their impact on bags.

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One of the major trends in fashion this season been: the bag.  No matter the shape and size, fashionistas across the globe have adopted a new bag into their collection this season. Pairing a bag with bold shoes, gives every strong woman the confidence to strut her stuff no matter what!

Try something new this fashion season, shop our range of  vegan bags that are nothing but pure- cruelty free love! 

What can be better than a leather bag? They’re sleek and classic.  Accompanied with a modern feel, they are immensely versatile. But, as fashionistas of the modern age, armed with the knowledge of the internet, should we be more conscious of where the materials are sourced from to make our statement leather bags? The answer is yes, we should. This brings us to two primary questions:

1. Where does leather come from?

All of us know that leather is generally sourced from animals. In the case of bags, it’s usually cowhide or bovine. This is usually sourced by fleshing of the animal, often times by removing and hurting the animal’s organs and its’ structure, acquiring the hide and then tanning it, so that it is soft enough to be moulded into whatever shape of bag the maker chooses to use.

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According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), leather is usually sourced from countries who lack animal welfare laws. An investigation by them into the practices in these countries found that the tails of the cows were burned and red-chilli powder was rubbed into eyes to force them to walk to the slaughterhouse.

As animal lovers, this can be disastrous to know that our favourite bags come from such brutal torture. This brings us to the second question:

2. Is it easy to dodge leather bags that endorse these practices and still be fashion forward?

Yes, it is possible. The difference between real leather and vegan leather is virtually non-existent. Good quality vegan leather has the same shine and toughness as real leather, all without the guilt!

Good quality vegan leather bags are also consistent in their colour and texture, which is unlike that of real leather.

One can now see the rage behind vegan bags. With better colour retention and the same toughness, there is no reason not to consider them a trendy option! Make the change to vegan leather bags today, what are you waiting for?

Broke Mate is a PETA Approved Vegan brand that supports the ethical treatment of animals. Our bags are made of good quality vegan leather that surpasses the texture and structure of real leather.

Support animal rights, fashionably. Be a part of the revolution– one accessory at a time. Shop now, to browse from an array of vegan leather options.

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