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An Interview with Pooja Rathor - Animal Rights Activist


With the gradually growing amount of people adopting veganism as a lifestyle, activists like Pooja Rathor are working tirelessly to contribute to this community. A full-time animal rights activist and fashion enthusiast, Pooja’s Instagram communicates to many in a much needed cruelty-free language. Let’s find out more about her activism and vegan journey.

What influenced you to choose veganism at such a young age?

I went vegetarian when I was 4 years old after watching a chicken getting brutally murdered. 6 years ago, I went vegan after watching videos on cruelty in the dairy industry.

Describe yourself in three words.

Compassionate, optimistic and friendly

How would you describe your personal style?

It's mostly comfortable and sometimes trendy.

In India, veganism is gradually becoming apparent to the public eye. Where do you see ‘vegan fashion’ going over the next few years?

I think 'vegan fashion' will flourish further with more people going vegan. We already have cruelty free versions of fur, wool, and leather. Also, I don't think anyone likes to pay for cruelty.

How did you decide to become an animal rights activist? Were you ever nervous before taking that kind of leap?

I rescued rabbits at the age of 3 with my mother. Since then I have not stopped my love and fight for the animals. I never planned on being an animal activist, it's who I am. I was never nervous about speaking up for their rights.

What kinds of bags do you consider to be the most essential?

A good tote bag and a small backpack.

You currently have 12k followers on Instagram! What role do you think social media plays in the vegan and animal rights movement?

Social media plays a huge part in millions of peoples lives. It, of course, helps the animal rights movement to grow and get noticed in a huge way. I personally love to do online activism, It takes so much lesser time and you can reach thousands of people with just one click.

What’s one misconception about veganism that you want to get rid of?

That veganism is about health and it's an expensive lifestyle.

What do you love about Broke Mate?

Your dedication towards the cause is commendable.

What advice would you like to give to people who want to participate in spreading the word about a cruelty-free lifestyle?

Raise awareness without thinking about what others will think. Animals are dying every day. We need to do activism in every possible way. Don't be afraid of speaking up for beautiful animals. They need you to be strong!

We believe that a woman as purposeful as Pooja is bound to stir the world through her never-ending and loud love for animals.

Follow Pooja’s journey here:

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