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Be Trendy and Vegan!

Everyone wants to look good, and we’re willing to pay the highest buck to the first company that does it the best. Brands today, are focused on not just making the best looking product, but also the product that makes you feel good. 

As vegan fashion, silently takes the world by storm, it’s clear that it is not just a trend anymore; but a larger movement to make fashion cruelty-free. Here’s how you can be a part of the veganism movement and still stay on trend this fashion season:

1. Ditch the furs

Natural furs are the first staple that we need to ditch this fashion season. While the end product, is prim and proper, its’ overall beauty has a dangerous, tainted past. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, 85% of the furs available, emerge from animals that are held captive in fur farms. With so many of our furs having such dark origins, it’s wise to ditch them for a trendier version of the same thing: faux fur!

Faux fur has taken the fashion industry by storm, with more labels choosing to opt for natural fur, it's clear that this is the direction we fashionistas should be heading in!

2. Vegan leather is in

The fashion verdict has arrived, and they say vegan leather is in! Why? Because it's easy to produce, and can easily be switched out for the real-deal without too much hassle. And what’s more-- vegan leather is the trendiest substitute to make this season. With the ramps serving up looks that are trendy and ethically sound, its an alternative you have to make this season. Vegan bags are the easiest and trendiest product to adopt into your personal fashion line this season! Switch your old, leather saddles for trendy, vegan leather options. You’ll feel the difference!

3. Boots Galore!

Everyone loves a good boot. But should it come at an unethical price? Absolutely not. Boots can be a standing symbol for abuse of animal rights and for those of us who love our animals, we can’t reflect its painful past. How do you make the change to something more ethical? Choose brands that support and promote the use of faux leather in the making of their boots. This way, you’ll know that what you own, doesn’t bleed but in fact, stands strong as a symbol of moving forward. Faux leather and vinyl boots are in the season, often times produced from the recycled material or synthesized organic materials, they are ethically sound and fashion forward!

4. Try Vegan Brand Alternatives

While this can seem extreme, it’s worth the leap. Marketing studies into fashion trends have shown that many fashion companies are matching the demand for vegan fashion because it is where the future lies. What’s more? You can support upcoming, small-scale labels and still be fashionable. Choose vegan alternatives next time you shop, and you’ll save the world, one piece of clothing or accessory at a time.

Broke Mate is a PETA Approved Vegan brand that supports the ethical treatment of animals. All our bags, are 100% vegan and crafted with pure-cruelty free love! Explore our universe of ethical fashion, shop now.

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