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5 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Leather

What do New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week have in common? They also all had vegan fashion lines in their shows in recent times. Nobody can deny the fact that veganism is everywhere. Be it in food trends or fashion trends, the followers of veganism have made their voice heard: loud and clear.

Should we pay more attention to what they’re saying? The answer is yes. Let’s look at five main reasons you should consider switching to Vegan Leather this fashion season

1. Colour

Good quality vegan leather bags are more consistent in its colour during production than real leather. So they’ll last longer and keep you company for a long time!

2. They don’t have dark origins

All of us know that leather is generally sourced from animals. In the case of bags, it’s usually cowhide or bovine. There is often violent fleshing of the animal in order to attain the hide. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), factories that acquire cattle for leather often overcrowd them, causing the animals to live in extreme distress.

Vegan bags and vegan purses are usually made by synthetic means like PU (polyurethane), which doesn't involve hurting or endangering any animal in the process. More fashion, less guilt!

Try something new this fashion season, shop our range of vegan bags that are nothing but pure- cruelty free love!

3. They’re Modern in Approach

With the growing number of people switching to veganism, it is in the process that the future lies. Producing vegan products on an average reduces the amount of waste lost in the process, making it one of the most efficient processes in the fashion industry! What’s not to love? Their modern approach to bag-making is what, fashion experts say, will revolutionize the fashion industry in years to come.

4. Lower carbon footprint

broke mate vegan fashion

The process of making a vegan leather bag is found to be less stressful on resources, and significantly produces less air-pollution than a leather tannery. While tanneries have to take into account proper disposal of the carcasses and other wastes that the animal might produce in the acquiring of leather, that worry is not associated with vegan leather.

5. They aren’t very different from real leather

Most leather experts say that they wouldn’t be able to tell real leather and vegan leather apart from eye level. This is because good vegan leather has the same texture and roughness of real leather. They are also more versatile than real leather, due to their ability to hold pigment well.

One can now see the rage behind vegan bags. With better colour retention and the same toughness, there is no reason not to consider them a trendy option! Make the change to vegan leather bags today, what are you waiting for?

Broke Mate supports the ethical treatment of animals.  Our bags are made of good quality vegan leather that surpasses the texture and structure of real leather.

Support animal rights, fashionably. Be a part of the revolution– one accessory at a time. Shop now, to browse from an array of vegan leather options.

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